The less heard, the less obvious.

Vladincin Han – A Serbian Town of Music

Out of a population of roughly 2,500 Roma people in Vladincin Han area of Southeastern Serbia, less than 10 are currently employed. Even with help from several charitable organisations, this culture of unemployment is slow to improve. Many of the youth in this community will face a future of collecting recyclables, working odd jobs, or living off social welfare.

While there is a growing emphasis for education among many of the families, music has always played an important role in the community when there was no other way to earn a living. Children are raised to appreciate music and many seem to be born with a natural ability to perform. In the past, families that managed to earn an income through performing were often able to reach a higher standard of living.

In this series, Alex Djordjevic documents the places and people of the region and the role music has played in shaping their community – drawn to the younger people living in the town and the instruments that they play.

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