Our Top 10 Photography Features Of 2017

2017 has been a great year for photography. We hope it’s excited and inspired you as much as it has us. Here we take a look back onto our 10 favourite features of 2017. From protests in Ukraine to the permanent closure of Honest Ed’s convenient store, we’ve had some great submissions. Here’s to more in 2018.

Jill Blackmore Evans – This Way You Lucky People
Honest Ed’s was a huge, eccentric department store in Toronto. Opened in 1948 by “Honest” Ed Mirvish, the store was so large that it took up the length of an entire city block. On December 31, 2016, it closed permanently. The landmark building will soon be knocked down to make way for new storefronts and residential towers. Jill Blackmore Evans captures the finals days of Toronto based department store. (See full feature here)

Niall O’Reilly
20 year old photographer Niall O’Reilly takes to the streets capturing raw moments of life from those around him.
(See full feature here)

Laurent Laporte Through Romanian villages
In his latest body of work, the french photographer Laurent Laporte drove 2500km through Romanian villages in The Carpantians, Transylvania and the frontiers with Ukraine and Moldavia. (See full feature here)

Finnegan Travers
Finnegan Travers keeps a visual diary of his time spent in Lisbon. (See full feature here)

Danielle Madeley’s The Knot
Danielle Madeley is a recent graduate from Falmouth University, U.K. whose work predominantly explores the notions of community. She aims to initiate a discussion of the society’s place within art and art’s place within society by engaging her local community in the production of work that is celebratory of their homeland. (See full feature here)

On The Streets With Math Roberts
Swansea based photographer Math Roberts takes to the streets, taking advantage and reacting to situations that unfold creating unusual and unique portraits. (See full feature here)

Josh Turner – Scorched Subway
Scorched Subway, by Joshua Turner, is a psychogeographic exploration of Pendleton, a small community in Salford (UK), after the realisation that his perspective was being influenced by a single negative stereotype. This photographic work explores the misrepresentation of a community through the ignorance of location, and the subsequent reaction to realising that his perspective had been distorted. (See full feature here)

The Last Church Of England Young Men’s Society
Photographer Ross Trevail documents the last remaining Church of England Young Men’s Society (C.E.Y.M.S) in the UK. (See full feature here)

Brendan Sheridan’s Life In Ukraine
Brendan Sheridan captures the Ukraine post EuroMaidan protests in 2014, which saw the removal of President Viktor Yanukovych from power and the start of a war in the east. (See full feature here)

Rachel E Joy Stanley
Rachel E Joy Stanley is a fine-art photographer based in London. A recent Goldsmiths graduate, her work is about people — how they create and occupy spaces, and the traces they leave behind. Rachel’s photographs are largely observational and attempt to organise and make sense of contemporary life, asking questions about power, ownership and the balance between natural and human worlds. (See full feature here)