The less heard, the less obvious.






Emma Stevenson - Then There Was us

Emma Stevensons’ Altered Lands

Landscapes are seldom just an observation of environment. They’re much more than that: a common causeway between the viewer, the photographer and the place, space, or vista – however you want to call it. Landscapes…

Colin Pantall - Then There Was Us

An interview with Colin Pantall

A writer, photographer, curator and lecturer based in Bath, England. Colin Pantall’s ideas focus around domestic environments and the interaction between personal, environmental and historical narratives as experienced through his family. This month we got…

Marc Wilson - Then There Was Us

An Interview With Marc Wilson

Marc Wilson’s practice focuses on documenting memories and histories that are set in the landscapes that surround us. Working on two long-form projects over the past 8 years, Marc’s has been working on, ‘The Last…