The less heard, the less obvious.






Red Herring with Jordan Madge

Jordan Madge’s series Red Herring, inspired by the disappearance of a girl in a small country town in Central Victoria, Australia, in 2009. Through the blending and questioning of fact, fiction and representation, the work…

The Process – Raphael Gaultier

A social documentary photographer based in Seattle, Raphael Gaultier’s work is centred around cultural preservation and capturing the intimacies of daily life. His latest series, The Last Whispers of the Light, focuses on what home…

The Process – Matilde Viegas

A self-taught photographer based in Porto, Matilde Viegas’ work deals with themes of intimacy and connection, as well as personal history and identity. Viegas’ themes stem from personal experience documenting issues surrounding family, migration, relationships…

Colin Pantall - Then There Was Us

An interview with Colin Pantall

A writer, photographer, curator and lecturer based in Bath, England. Colin Pantall’s ideas focus around domestic environments and the interaction between personal, environmental and historical narratives as experienced through his family. This month we got…

Matt Eich - Then There Was Us

The Poetry of Reality

Matt Eich doesn’t really have a discernible practice, in my eyes at least. He could be called a documentary photographer, he could be called a photojournalist, he could be called an essayist, he could be…

Stefania Orfanidou - Then There Was Us

Stefania Orfanidou’s Pendulum

“Pendulum is the approach of a return journey to the city of L’Aquila in central Italy. My relationship with this place started 12 years before I was born, when my parents met each other accidentally…

Tom Roche - Then There Was Us

Tom Roche’s Black Blood

There will always be subjectivity when thinking about the past. Whom upset whom, the uncle we don’t talk about, the rose tint of nostalgia always making an appearance. We cannot understand our past unless we…

Matt Eich - Then There Was Us

I Love You, I’m Leaving

Matt Eich is not one of those photographers who revels on solitude, on the thrill of being away. He’s someone that is naturally introverted (something that makes his documentary photography even more impressive) and dislikes…