The less heard, the less obvious.






Sem Langendijk’s Docklands

Initiated in 2015, Sem Langendijk’s The Docklands Project is an analyses of the post-industrial city through the harbour area. Focusing on the high demand for living near the water, the project tries to get a…

The Education I Never Had

In search of a better life for his son, at the age of three, Vikram Kushwah was sent to boarding school in the Himalayan foothills, this being the place where he would spend his most…

Exploring ‘Nyamuliro’ with Ali Arrowsmith

Many of us have gone through a troubling period of knowing we have the creative wherewithal to make something worthwhile, but never quite knowing where exactly to channel that energy. For photographer and inter-disciplinary creative…

Behind The Bank With Alessandro Iovino

In the past twenty years, western society has grown faster than was possibly thought imaginable. In his photographic series, Behind The Bank, Alessandro Iovino expresses how climate change, the boom in technology, demographic growth and…

Matthew Eynon - Then There Was Us

An interview with Matthew Eynon

South Wales based photographer, Matthew Eynon, focuses his work towards street and documentary photography through the forms of society and subculture. We did a short interview with Matthew about his project, Swansea Mods.

Tom Willis - Then There Was Us

Pastimes With Tom Willis

‘Pastimes’ was born from a Google deep dive leading to the discovery of the existence of a number of dedicated hobby clubs operating around the country, often revolving around vintage toys and games such as…

Al Thompson - Then There Was Us

Remnants Of An Exodus

As a Jamaican immigrant in the New York suburbs the mid 90’s was a time where the community was on the brink of gentrification. Marred in economic hardship, the town of Spring Valley had one…

Matt Eich - Then There Was Us

I Love You, I’m Leaving

Matt Eich is not one of those photographers who revels on solitude, on the thrill of being away. He’s someone that is naturally introverted (something that makes his documentary photography even more impressive) and dislikes…

Graeme-Oxby - Then There Was Us

Graeme Oxby’s King Of England

Five years in the making; experience the triumphs, tragedies and sheer spectacle of “The Kings Of England” – a photobook about Elvis Impersonators. Today, photographer Graeme Oxby launches a photobook Kickstarter taken from a documentary…