Then There Was Us

Then There Was Us


While not all those featured on Then There Was Us are selected from our submissions, over the years we have published the works of many who have reached out to use and showed us their stories and projects. Please feel free to submit your own and we will definitely take a look. We have no agenda regarding the type of work we feature, our name is Then There Was Us, meaning you. Devoted to the stories, portraiture and reportage around the world we are always on the look out for great projects, no matter the equipment, Then There Was Us strives to showcase the work from those who care, the stories worth telling. So, please submit, we would love to see your work.

How To Submit

We have no specific rules about the type of work or submitting work, however, we do have a preference that will ensure that we see your project: Do not attach anything to your email. Include a link to your website or images (PDF, Instagram etc.), or include a folder containing the photographs via Dropbox or Google Drive. Although we love WeTransfer, we cannot guarantee we will see your email before the link expires as we are a small team. We are up for conversations about potential projects, not just finished works or writings, feel free to contact us via our personal instagram accounts james_wrigley, jtjtjtjtjtjtjtjtjtjtjtjt. We will try to respond as quickly as we can, as a non-profit and a small crew we sometimes have a back-log of emails and messages. If you are looking to submit to our printed issues we include information this through our main posts and will be providing information here shortly regarding all printed publications and exhibitions.