Skateboarding in Palestine

Last autumn, we released a zine with Edinburgh based photographer, Owen Godbert. Skateboarding in Palestine comprised of images and text from Owen’s trip to Palestine in 2016. All profits raised from the zine went back into skateboarding charity, Skate Pal.

SkatePal is a non-profit organisation that works with communities throughout Palestine to enhance the lives of young people and promote the benefits of skateboarding. Since 2013, Skatepals ongoing presence and award-winning projects have reached hundreds of young people across the West Bank and won acclaim and recognition from supporters around the world. The project is run by a committed team of local and international volunteers, like Owen and many others who through teaching skate classes, building skateparks and providing equipment, are enabling an ever-growing number of Palestinian skaters to empower themselves and inspire the next generation of Palestinian youth.

Owen and fellow volunteer Charles Myatt created this short film documenting their time in Palestine. Later in the year, the pair plan to put out the film in its entirety, all 4 rolls back to back, unedited.

Video by Owen Godbert and Charles Myatt.
Music by The Doozer