Perry Harding’s Brexit, No One Wins

Perry Harding is a Graphic Designer and Photographer based in London. His Photography work looks at documenting his surroundings, attempting to seek out the beauty in the mundane. Photography has been a key aspect of his creative output, working alongside and interacting with his design practice on a regular basis.

This project looked at documenting the Brexit protests at Westminster shortly after the Brexit referendum results in 2016. His aim was to approach the project without prejudice, as an open dialogue to attempt to articulate the response of the people who felt strongly against the referendum results—enough so to form a large-scale protest in the capital. Perry took interest in the use of the bootleg style EU flags and homemade signs carrying strong and sincere messages, looking at how they were interacting with the protesters themselves. The series was named after one of the signs documented – ‘Brexit, No One Wins’.

“My inspiration comes from Photographers such as Chris Maggio and Jackson Krule, who’s work sits at the intersection of observational and staged Photography, often documenting the overlooked subjects and objects of our everyday life.”