Paul Wheatley’s Sláinte

Sláinte is a nod to the young Irish who inevitably leave the comforts that home provides, as they venture out into the world.

In his ongoing project, Paul Wheatley documents the initial emigration of his childhood friends from Ireland to work and live in various countries around Europe and further a field. Through the following images Paul Wheatley looks to document two ends of the spectrum, providing an insight into the fleeting moments that are left for certain individuals on Irish soil, whilst also documenting those who have decided to stay put. This ongoing series looks to find out their thoughts on why they are leaving and the reasons that some have decided to stick around, whilst also attempting to discover the true meaning of home for this group of young Irish.

Jack: (Moving to London in November)
It’s a bit sad when you see the effects of adulthood taking a hold on your friendships, you kind of don’t want to believe that you’ll grow apart, and maybe you won’t, but when people start emigrating it gets a lot tougher to get everyone together, and that’s probably the most daunting thing, the idea that I won’t get to see as much of my friends”.

Thomas: (Living in London)
“Over the last few years I couldn’t wait to finish college and leave Ireland, but now that the time is here I’m realizing how much I’ll miss all my friends and family. I never thought i’d be one to miss home, but that has become clear to me now”.

Niall: (Moved to Chile at the start of August)
“I have lived abroad before and always start to miss Ireland coming up to Christmas time. The feeling of excitement flying into Dublin airport late December is one that is hard to beat”.