Our Top 10 Features Of 2018

Firstly we’d like to thank everybody who has submitted, let us feature their work and supported us throughout 2018. We’re hoping it’ll be the same every year, but this year we’ve featured more photography than ever before. We’ve interviewed some key figures within documentary photography and education, and this summer we put a call out for photographers to document the World Cup, in which, we got a magnificent response and released a publication because of it. We’ve put on exhibitions, we’ve talked, we’ve been interviewed, and we’ve met many amazing, likeminded photographers who all want to push documentary photography to the next level. We have featured everything, from people documenting their hometown, to trips across the world, covering protests and much more. We have put together some of our top 10 features of 2018.

An Interview With Robert Darch

After returning to university at 34 years old, Robert Darch is now amongst many things, a photographer, a curator and an educator. Working hard within communities and running a collective for 16-21 year olds, Darch has been working on a number of his own successful projects that this year will be exhibited alongside the likes of Martin Parr and Tish Murtha at Distinctly Britain, in Pingyao International Photography Festival in China. Robert describes his work as being “motivated by the experience of place” and states that his projects are almost always initiated by an emotional response to a particular landscape. We got the chance to speak to Robert and ask him about his practice.

Marc Isaacs – Lift: Life In A London High-Rise

Our lives are filled with unremarkable moments and the routine of everyday life, uneventful moments that to most seem dull, boring and monotonous – a humdrum existence of where we are now and where we will be tomorrow. In 2001 documentary filmmaker Marc Isaacs installing himself inside the lift of a high-rise block of council flats focused on this mundanity; observing residents as they go about their daily business, producing one of the most affecting accounts of life in a London high-rise.

Family, Photography & The Tish Murtha Archive, An Interview With Ella Murtha

Archiver and daughter, Ella Murtha discusses the work of her late mother’s powerfully relevant and stunning images from series such as Youth Unemployment and Juvenile Jazz Band to the beautifully nostalgic family portraits, part of thousands of images that are Ella Murtha’s “final gift to her mam’. The Tish Murtha Archive.

In Brutal Presence – Nicola Muirhead

In Brutal Presence has been an on-going documentary project that began in 2016, and focuses on certain realities surrounding social housing in London, and the impacts of gentrification and “revitalisation” to urban communities through the borough of North Kensington.

An Interview With Colin Pantall

A writer, photographer, Curator and lecturer based in Bath, England. Colin Pantall’s ideas focus around domestic environments and the interaction between personal, environmental and historical narratives as experienced through his family. This month we got to speak to Colin, about his role as a photographer and the projects he’s worked on over past few years.

One Day Young – A Conversation With Jenny Lewis

With social media as its platform, family photography has found a new forum, a new way of showing the family, no longer hidden or medicalised in the private domain of the family album. We spoke with photographer Jenny Lewis about her beautiful series of portraits from One Day Young, Lewis’ portraits of women and their newborns are taken within 24 hours of birth, showcasing extreme intimacy and power with these new mothers, a true celebration of motherhood.

Clare Hewitt – Discussing Photography

Clare Hewitt is a London based documentary and portrait photographer. After completing a degree in law Hewitt took the biggest change in her career to study photography, finding that both subjects relate in various ways, Hewitt’s personal work uses photography to explore the habits, behaviours and interests in what is a complex interest in human beings. The images featured are from the emotional and honest series Eugenie. Suffering from a stroke which left her severely visually impaired and stole large parts of her memory, Clare Hewitt has captured the reality of human imperfection, experiencing the anxiety, grief, sadness, relentless frustration, her strength and determination and joy. Hewitt describes as Eugenie became a vessel, a friend, who allowed her to produce a series of emotional observations of both Eugenie and herself without a sense of narrative or linearity. [This article was originally published on JRNL Magazine, a now closed publication from our Editor James Wrigley.]

The Moments Between With Paul Daly

Interim is a week-long photography project that we encourage as many photographers to be involved with. The aim is to showcase the moments between, to be honest, and intimate about your own lives. A visual and honest representation of our mission statement as they are all issues that each of us have faced in one form or another. If it’s the zero hour job, mental health issues, frustrations or boredom and the mundane, we want you to join our visual diary. We launched our first with documentary film maker and photographer, Paul Daly.
If you want to be involved then the brief can be found here – Interim Project – The Moments Between

An Interview With Jack Fleming

We spoke with Jack Fleming about his portfolio so far, what inspires him, the importance of critical feedback and his experiences within internships.

Gabriela Gleizer’s Jerusalem Day
In her series, Jerusalem Day, Gabriela Gleizer photographs the people of Jerusalem on a historic day. Jerusalem Day is an Israeli national holiday commemorating the reunification of Jerusalem and the establishment of Israeli control over the Old City in the aftermath of the June 1967 Six-Day War, where lots of men lost their lives. Within this series of portraits, Gabriela documents the people that traveled far and wide to celebrate the holiday, along with locals and people working the event.