Ones To Watch – March

This year we started our ‘Ones To Watch’ series in which we’ve had an outstanding response, so much so that we’ve done a roundup of our favourite submissions from the past month. Here we wanted to show you our favourite projects by photographers that you should be keeping an eye on. Here are our list of ‘Ones To Watch’ in March.

Joshua Turner
“In a field overlooking Buxton is where, 14 years ago, I learnt how to ride a motorcycle. This series documents my revisiting of the landscape, focusing specifically on observing how I once interacted with the location in the context of Motorcycle Trials. The logs, rocks, hill-climbs, trees, dirt and grass. My awareness of which was precise in size, texture and form; obstacles. Overgrown in physicality, but still residing in memory; I cement my memory in imagery through fear of total loss. Large format imagery allows for the retention of detail, enabling intense scrutiny of the trace I left behind.”

Frankie Leach
“Growing up in a political household I was ashamed of my mum’s extreme views. I’d be embarrassed when friends came round to play and they’d ask why there was so many photographs of soldiers in our house (they were photos of Che Guevara). As I grew older I began to respect my mum’s dedication to the struggle and fell in love with her eccentricity. I took these shots on Christmas day at the beach near her house, my mother, my comrade.”

Emily Wilkinson
Emily Wilkinson’s latest project, Steel, Coal & Cotton explores how the decline and absence of industry in northern towns has affected its infrastructure and people.

Hayleigh Longman
Originally from Enfield, North London, Hayleigh Longman’s latest project focuses on people who have migrated to the North of England from other parts of the UK.

Josie Lamb
Josie Lambs’ ongoing series ‘An Old Pit Yacker’ documents the life of her grandad, a retired coal miner.

Kealy Robinson
Kealy Robinson’s latest series finds her documenting the tight knit community of Cleethorpes who come together every year for the Cleethorpes Big Clean.

Jack Roe
In his ongoing series, Jack Roe explores the dying art of pigeon racing. Within the project Jack plans to document the once popular sport, and the community it holds, in the small town of Winsford, Cheshire.

If you want to get involved then simply get in touch at Send us an image at 300dpi and below 3mb, along with a short piece of text about the project.