Ones To Watch – April

This year we started our ‘Ones To Watch’ series in which we’ve had an outstanding response, so much so that we’ve done a roundup of our favourite submissions from the past month. Here we wanted to show you our favourite projects by photographers that you should be keeping an eye on. Here are our list of ‘Ones To Watch’ in April.

Paul Wheatley
Paul Wheatley’s ongoing series focuses on documenting League Of Ireland football, and in particular, the Dublin City clubs within the league and the pride they share for their team.

Tom Lucas
“These images have begun to document changing relationships between community members (including non-human) over a large period of time. The seasonal, cyclical movement of the landscape, and the combined motion of the community members, as they participate in different social rituals together, offers a new understanding of escape.”

Emily Johnson
“This image is from my project called Carousel – A Life’s Work, which is a projected based around my grandad who passed away due to lung cancer in December 2016. With this project I am communicating the feelings and memories all based around him by taking interior photographs of the house and rooms where my grandad lived with my grandmother, also where they both raised my father, my auntie and my uncle. Each room I photographed relates to my grandad in every way, with it being the chair he would always sit in to the room where he spent his last moments with his family.”

Jordan Peck
“This shot is from my series of work “Youth”, in this series i am looking at young people in my area and the subcultures that they have formed. Looking at what they do to keep themselves entertained, where they hang out, and how they dress.”

Andrew Munns
Andrew Munn’s latest series focuses on the town of Skelmersdale in West Lancashire, more locally known as Skem.

If you want to get involved then simply get in touch at Send us an image at 300dpi and around 1mb, along with a short piece of text about the project.