Then There Was Us

Then There Was Us

Nazar Furyk’s Province

In his latest project, Nazar Furyk takes a step back from photojournalism and documents every day life of young people in his hometown.

Kolomyia born, Nazar graduated from the Kiev College of Construction, Architecture and Design with a degree in architecture and the Siauliai College in Lithuania with a degree in construction. He moved on to be a photojournalist, where he lived near Kiev and worked with the Ukrainian and foreign agencies. Working on the Ukrainian front line in 2015, Nazar decided to take a step back into reality where he created his latest project, Province. “This series is about the everyday life of young people in the province, about a way of everyday life where life drugs and alcohol are present, about the days that go unnoticed and they aren’t really any different, whether it is a weekday or a regular working day. I’ve started taking pictures quite a long time ago. And I can’t say why and how, I do not know, just at some point, I realized that the moments, which at first glance are quite ordinary for someone, are really important and unusual for me. Such a usual life, one just needs to cover, because it can be interesting for others. I do not know if the viewer needs to see these photos. Sometimes it seems to me that no – they’re too personal because I’m not a third-party viewer, because I’m also part of this everyday life.”


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