James McCourt’s For The Good Turf

James McCourt is a documentary photographer from West Belfast who graduated from university in 2016. Since graduating James has mainly focused his attention to community based projects around where he lives. Sharing his knowledge on photography and helping people through tough times (alcohol abuse, drugs and suicide) has been key in working on his latest project, For The Good Turf.

This project documents an urban farm with a big heart. Located in St James, this farm has been a positive way to bring a community closer. The project offers those facing difficult circumstances through alcohol and drug addiction a way to learn valuable skills and gives them a safe place to stay and meet new people.

Managed by two local men of the area, Dan and Limbo, the volunteers help maintain the farm land. Building sheds, fairy gardens and pathways through the farm from recycled materials from the homes off the estate. James has since become a key member at the farm, trading skills and showing how photography is key to documenting this project in partiuclar.