Jack Curtis Joyces’ Poultry Fancy

Jack Curtis Joyce is a social documentary photographer studying at UWE Bristol whom for the last year has been deeply invested in the subject matter of niché hobbies. Aiming to explore, understand and document pass times that are nothing to the masses but everything to the few.

The initial inspiration to explore this subject matter was born out of “Tea, Coffee and Biscuits included in the price” a documentation of over 10 different social dancing clubs in the South West and Midlands. Which Joyce assumed would be a passing interest but very quickly turned into a deep emotional and social study of the support network these clubs created for the older generation. Allowing them to meet new like minded people, exercise, improve cognitive brain function and even find new love when a partner has passed.

Learning so much about a subject that had not been widely documented really excited Joyce and he wants to continue this exploration into the unknown primarily to bait his own intrigue but with a strong sense that many other will share his curiosity. And if they don’t already he knows his images will surely spark something!

Since September Joyce has been focusing on the world of Animal fancy in the UK. Looking at Poultry fancy up until December and then moving onto Canine fancy from December to present – most recently spending 4 days documenting Crufts at the NEC. Jack will be continuing with Canine Fancy and revisiting Poultry Fancy for the next few month culminating with an exhibition along side his fellow UWE alumni at Freerange in London from June 21st – 26th.

Below we have featured a selection of images from Poultry Fancy.