Hayleigh Longman’s On-Going Local Laundrette Series

“After spending Christmas 2016 at my mothers, I began to accumulate a relationship with Ivan (62). Every time I visit I take a photograph of Ivan in the laundrette, gifting her with some print from the last visit.

Through this dynamic, we have formed a friendly relationship Ivan’s originally from Turkey and has lived and worked in Old Harlow (UK) for over 30 years. She bought the shop in September 1968.

The laundrette’s machines are 21 years old as well as the pipe work. Businesses like this don’t exist anymore and the lacks of job opportunities are rising due to the high demand that has been introduced by innovative technologies. Tea in flask and portable heaters is how Ivan work’s through the winter. Her working nature inspires me and not only for her age, but the determination to run her business. She comfortably continues to manually work, despite the technological competition that she now faces in this generation.”