Ruby Robinson and Hana Latif’s Femonade

Ruby Robinson and Hana Latif are a Manchester based photographic duo exploring womanhood.
As their work often swims into multiple ‘genres’ they see themselves more of artists working with themes of sense and form. Both photographers focus on unnoticed details and textures in formations of people, buildings and nature. Their shared fascination with our relationship to technology is where their most recent project Femoande sparked from.

‘ Femonade’ – In an age of technology where we are so often removed from our senses when looking at the beauty of nature, Femonade really celebrates our connection to it.
Highlighting in particular our connection to water. Women have been linked to water for centuries both in mythologies and traditional art. Still in the research process we are primarily going off our own attachment to water as two women. We are fascinated by the relationship to water and how it can empower you ‘a place that awakens me to my intrinsic earthly, sensual, and paganly reverential nature’ there’s an organic feeling of freedom when bathing or swimming that has us embracing our bodies flaws and all in a way we can never accomplish in our day to day lives. When submerged, technology is a distant memory, the water washes it away. And as a result of this we accept and love ourselves, regardless of how many likes we get.