At Then There Was Us we believe in bringing innovative and engaging sessions designed to support universities, colleges and institutions. With a team experienced in education, we want to continue that work with educators across the country drawing on our network to deliver exciting sessions that energise students within their practice. Offering portfolio reviews and critiques, live briefs and talks that span a large range of topics and concepts. We offer to tailor our services to meet the need of your institution, please get in touch so that we can work with you and your students.


Discussing the work of students, we facilitate open critiques of projects, giving industry advice and analysing the work created by students in universities, colleges and institutions across the country. With our experience in education we know the power and benefits of feedback.


We offer unique and honest talks covering a number of topics and concepts within documentary photography, the theory of photography and offer insightful and engaging conversations on story telling and making narrative works. We draw on our experience and network to bring students the best contemporary discussion on photography, these talks pair well with our set of live briefs.


Working with universities, colleges and institutions hosting innovative live briefs to develop narrative story telling. Discussing theories of photography, narrative and conceptual meanings within work we offer to set live briefs that demand a professional outcome. Each live brief is a completely bespoke project focusing on the needs of students and in collaboration with your institution.