Delia-Adriana Tanases’ Romania

Delia-Adriana Tanase is a Documentary photographer currently studying at the Manchester Metropolitan University. Delia’s work looks at concepts/ideas that break the boundaries of the ordinary and challenge the human mind to analyze common things in a different way.

Her latest project is about immigration and how she became aware of her status in today’s society. This started when Brexit was announced as a definite implementation in the United Kingdom. Having studied in Manchester for the past 3 years, Delia always considered herself a foreigner amongst classmates and the people that surrounded her, but at the same time, never thought of herself as an immigrant. Now, Delia is exploring the reasons why people immigrate and change their lives completely.

The below images are all shot in Romania and they depict a country that has been through various changes since Communism fell in 1989. Within the series, Delia captures the people surrounding her, whose lives have been immediately affected by social and economical issues surrounding the country.

“Even though this started as a personal project, it has reached a certain level in which i believe this project is about every single one of us. Immigration has always affected us, both directly and indirectly, and it deserves our attention and understanding.”