Deana Kolencikova’s Is This It?

Prague and Bratislava based Visual artist, Deana Kolenčíková finished her project – ‘Is this it?’ in 2013 whilst studying at University. After finishing her BA, she continued studying photography and fine arts as an MA. Having the experiences of exploring and focusing on the public space, she started using different mediums and tools. Deana currently works with installations, interventions in public space, photography and performances.

This series of photographs were taken during her 6 months long stay in Nottingham during her BA studies in which Deana found herself walking around the city and observing the environment. ‘Is This It?’ focuses on the absurdity of urban landscape and its social and political context.

“There is much people do without thinking about it, and people see so much but never take it in. Their focus becomes so narrow when confronted with familiar surroundings.”

“A land that is visited by millions of people every year, but what brings them here. The tradition that runs through every town and city or hamlet, the famous brick buildings some of which have stood for over a hundred years are finally being happily knocked down but the other historical buildings such as Buckingham Palace or Big Ben probably survive.

Is it a shame that the health and safety madness didn’t come around sooner in the development of the UK so we could have built barriers around these gems when they hit a hundred, whispering to each-other “its gonna fall down” or “who could have built such a pointy clock”, “oh god someone could hurt themselves with that”.

At least we can thank the people of UK past for that. They just kept building beautiful buildings that we still enjoy now, and they watched as the always remaining green, green grass kept pushing their sharp blades up to the sky so we can enjoy its majestic colour, without worrying how it may cut our fingers…”

“There is much people do without thinking about it, and people see so much but never take it in. Their focus becomes so narrow when confronted with familiar surroundings. Therefore rightly this series looks at people’s spectacles of everyday life, they don’t even notice or fully appreciate. People as little pieces in the environment jigsaw, but unwittingly its biggest sculptors.

An important part of my photography includes associations that are well stored in our mind, they are deeply fixed in our subconciousness and can be restored at certain occasions. Also they exist in big circles that create people’s life. And therefore anytime I walk and my mind gets stuck on a point, an association comes out and I take a photo. Its an intensional act with thinking beforehand and putting the photograph into context afterwards. I especially like the interaction between images depending on their placing in space and creating a new meaning of the images and interesting reading for the viewer. When two objects are put next two each other, they automatically lose their meaning as individuals and they obtain a new layer. The book works as a visual journey that takes you through narrative images without barriers which have a strong unity and statement.”