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10 - 24 - 2021



Photographer Paul Lehr’s Feindesland

Paris based photographer Paul Lehr shares his opinions and experiences from his series ‘Feindesland’, following two women who, “In their youth lived among rebels: On the Eritrean front, Selam fought and Almaz sang against the…

Clare Hewitt Discussing Photography

Clare Hewitt is a London based documentary and portrait photographer. After completing a degree in law Hewitt took the biggest change in her career to study photography, finding that both subjects relate in various ways,…

Red Herring with Jordan Madge

Jordan Madge’s series Red Herring, inspired by the disappearance of a girl in a small country town in Central Victoria, Australia, in 2009. Through the blending and questioning of fact, fiction and representation, the work…

Matthew Eynon - Then There Was Us

An interview with Matthew Eynon

South Wales based photographer, Matthew Eynon, focuses his work towards street and documentary photography through the forms of society and subculture. We did a short interview with Matthew about his project, Swansea Mods.

Ken Grant - Then There Was Us

Behind it all with Tracy Marshall

New Brighton Revisited Exhibition, the group show bringing together for the first time pictures of internationally renowned British photographers Martin Parr, Ken Grant and Tom Wood. The images shown in the town from which the…