The less heard, the less obvious.

Home & Migration

Within this issue we begin our exploration of the definitions, meanings and circumstances of Home & Migration. We begin to unravel the sprawling and extensive concepts of home and in turn, the effects and consequences of migration, whatever its length, composition, complexity and cause. These concepts are vast in their interpretations and include the many kinds of movement of people, from migration of refugees, displaced persons, economic migrants and persons moving from others purposes, including that of family reunification. Acting as our introduction to these themes, the artists in this issue examine notions of home, how we conceptualise people and place, and the effects of migration both physically and psychologically.


12 - 08 - 2021

Home & Migration


Sem Langendijk’s Docklands

Initiated in 2015, Sem Langendijk’s The Docklands Project is an analyses of the post-industrial city through the harbour area. Focusing on the high demand for living near the water, the project tries to get a…