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01 - 27 - 2021



Daniel Kovalovszky: An Infernal Play

In 1945 in Hungary, Mátyás Rákosi the leader of the Hungarian Communist Party, following the Soviet example, introduced a new Stalinist dictatorship in which human rights were severely violated. He established the State Protection Security…

Vulcano By Giulia De Marchi

If you visit Sicily, you cannot leave without visiting the volcano. Etna is, like all active volcanoes, (in fact, even more due to its unique majesty) the meeting point between black and white, heaven and…

The Othernet - Then There Was Us

The Othernet – Contested Territories

Imagine another internet. Location specific, not through geofencing, but through the physical limits of its infrastructure, able to be visited by subway or on foot, unique like the very neighbourhood its in.service providers, there are…