The less heard, the less obvious.

Contested Territories

In this, our first issue, begins the collection of work that will concentrate on one theme. Each year Then There Was Us will examine the meaning of Contested Territories, a notion that focuses on the production and appropriation of space and knowledge in and through often overlapping cultural, economic, environmental, political and spatial conflicts occurring at multiple sites, places and scales. Through these broad and ranging themes we explore interdisciplinary dialogues on conflict, resistance and development, leaving words blank, to be filled by the variety of work featured within each issue. Those involved in the production of Contested Territories explore ____ in modern day society, challenging and scrutinising the views on _____. Examining the ways that ____ influence societies, individuals and cultures worldwide, choosing to unmask, challenge or question systems of contested territories.


10 - 24 - 2021

Contested Territories


The Othernet - Then There Was Us

The Othernet

Imagine another internet. Location specific, not through geofencing, but through the physical limits of its infrastructure, able to be visited by subway or on foot, unique like the very neighbourhood its in.service providers, there are…