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At Then There Was Us we host an always open submissions for both online and print. While not all those featured on Then There Was Us are selected from our submissions, over the years we have published the works of many who have reached out to us and shown us their projects and stories. We are a small team and we hope that you understand that we can’t reply to all of our emails straight away. We have no agenda regarding the type of work we feature, we seek to champion some of the most exciting and engaging work from documentary makers, storytellers and journalists and writers alike. There are many arbitrary reasons that extraordinary creatives and storytellers go unheard, so please submit your work, we would love to see it.

We do not believe that work must be new for it to be relevant and seen, whether you have a new project or one that has been published before, we want to help support you and the work that you create. There are a number of different ways that we want to work with you for details on how to ensure that your email gets seen by us, please read the following submission information for both our online and print calls for entry.


• Introduce you and your work

• Provide your website or social media links

• Image / JPEG saved for web (Roughly 2MB)

• Words / Word Doc File or Google Doc


We are looking for a wide variety of stories in different formats. Reactive pieces with original reporting, commenting on current news and events, interesting characters who are shaping culture today, artists, photographers, filmakers activits etc. We want strong perspectives and opinon pieces, essays, theory and retrospectives. Of course, one of our main forms of story telling at Then There Was Us is the photo essay. If you think that you have a story or project that you would like to share with Then There Was Us, send it over, we are open to a wide variety of projects.


We are always looking for people to contribute to our printed issues. We release all of yearly themes below, if you have work that you think would fit these themes, or would like to make new work based on these concepts please get in touch. Please look at the issue themes below and make sure that you tell us you would like your work to be considered for the theme of that particular issue.


We are always on the look out for inspiring and interesting stories, essays or photographic projects. We ask that you keep it short in your pitch, condense your pitch into a single paragraph, tell us who or what you would like to cover, why you're interested in this story, and show us some examples of your work. We are not just looking for new work, maybe you have a project that you have published before. If you have published this work before, tell us, we want to help build your story and collaborate with you.

Issue Themes

Contested Territories

Volume One - Issue One


Volume One - Issue Two
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Volume One - Issue Three
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