The less heard, the less obvious.

Wes Foster

Wes Foster is a writer and photography based practitioner. His work usually incorporates text and image in the form of bookmaking. Over the last few years he has written for a variety of publications about photography and also music. He is also one of the founders of Freehold Projects, a collaborative group/gallery space in Leeds.



Wes Foster


Matt Eich - Then There Was Us

Sin & Salvation in Baptist Town

Baptist Town is a neighbourhood in the Mississippi Delta town of Greenwood, surrounded on all sides by train tracks. In a community of only around five hundred people there is roughly a ninety percent unemployment…

Emma Stevenson - Then There Was us

Emma Stevensons’ Altered Lands

Landscapes are seldom just an observation of environment. They’re much more than that: a common causeway between the viewer, the photographer and the place, space, or vista – however you want to call it. Landscapes…

Matt Eich - Then There Was Us

The Poetry of Reality

Matt Eich doesn’t really have a discernible practice, in my eyes at least. He could be called a documentary photographer, he could be called a photojournalist, he could be called an essayist, he could be…

Matt Eich - Then There Was Us

I Love You, I’m Leaving

Matt Eich is not one of those photographers who revels on solitude, on the thrill of being away. He’s someone that is naturally introverted (something that makes his documentary photography even more impressive) and dislikes…