The less heard, the less obvious.

Jonathan Tomlinson

Founder of Then There Was Us, Jonathan oversees all of the editorial content for Then There Was Us. He is an experienced and accomplished portrait photographer and graphic designer, and as Co-Director is one half of Public Source, overseeing all creative projects and editorial ideas across all platforms of Public Source. Contact him to discuss working with us, submission of any editorial or project ideas for the site and to share your work.



Jonathan Tomlinson


Matthew Eynon - Then There Was Us

An interview with Matthew Eynon

South Wales based photographer, Matthew Eynon, focuses his work towards street and documentary photography through the forms of society and subculture. We did a short interview with Matthew about his project, Swansea Mods.

Robert Darch - Then There Was us

An interview with Robert Darch

After returning to University at 34 years old, Robert Darch is now amongst many things, a photographer, a curator and an educator. Working hard within communities and running a collective for 16-21 year olds, Darch…

Colin Pantall - Then There Was Us

An interview with Colin Pantall

A writer, photographer, curator and lecturer based in Bath, England. Colin Pantall’s ideas focus around domestic environments and the interaction between personal, environmental and historical narratives as experienced through his family. This month we got…

Marc Wilson - Then There Was Us

An Interview With Marc Wilson

Marc Wilson’s practice focuses on documenting memories and histories that are set in the landscapes that surround us. Working on two long-form projects over the past 8 years, Marc’s has been working on, ‘The Last…

Tom Willis - Then There Was Us

Pastimes With Tom Willis

‘Pastimes’ was born from a Google deep dive leading to the discovery of the existence of a number of dedicated hobby clubs operating around the country, often revolving around vintage toys and games such as…

Stefania Orfanidou - Then There Was Us

Stefania Orfanidou’s Pendulum

“Pendulum is the approach of a return journey to the city of L’Aquila in central Italy. My relationship with this place started 12 years before I was born, when my parents met each other accidentally…

Tom Roche - Then There Was Us

Tom Roche’s Black Blood

There will always be subjectivity when thinking about the past. Whom upset whom, the uncle we don’t talk about, the rose tint of nostalgia always making an appearance. We cannot understand our past unless we…

Al Thompson - Then There Was Us

Remnants Of An Exodus

As a Jamaican immigrant in the New York suburbs the mid 90’s was a time where the community was on the brink of gentrification. Marred in economic hardship, the town of Spring Valley had one…