The less heard, the less obvious.

Jonathan Tomlinson

Founder of Then There Was Us, Jonathan oversees all of the editorial content for Then There Was Us. He is an experienced and accomplished portrait photographer and graphic designer, and as Co-Director is one half of Public Source, overseeing all creative projects and editorial ideas across all platforms of Public Source. Contact him to discuss working with us, submission of any editorial or project ideas for the site and to share your work.



Jonathan Tomlinson


Richard Beaven: All Of Us

Over 2,000 years ago one of humanity's most profound thinkers, Aristotle, stated that the whole of our parts is greater than the sum. Collectively, the bits and pieces of all our differences can, theoretically, combine…

Reggio Calabria: A City of Waste

With almost 180,000 inhabitants, Reggio Calabria, is the largest and the most populated city of Calabria, a region in southern Italy. In 2014, in an attempt to comply with Italian laws on waste disposal, was…

Spit Gold Onto An Empire

For the people of Myanmar, history is repeating itself once again. On the 1st of February 2021, the Myanmar military stormed the parliament building, taking control of the country in another military coup.

The Process – Raphael Gaultier

A social documentary photographer based in Seattle, Raphael Gaultier’s work is centred around cultural preservation and capturing the intimacies of daily life. His latest series, The Last Whispers of the Light, focuses on what home…

The Process – Matilde Viegas

A self-taught photographer based in Porto, Matilde Viegas’ work deals with themes of intimacy and connection, as well as personal history and identity. Viegas’ themes stem from personal experience documenting issues surrounding family, migration, relationships…