The less heard, the less obvious.

James Wrigley

Joining Then There Was Us as editor and art director. He is an experienced portrait photographer, graphic designer and lecturer in photography and graphic design, and is our in house web developer. James is Co-Director and one half of Public Source and oversees the production of creative projects and content across all platforms of Public Source. Contact him to discuss working with us, submission of editorial or projects ideas for the site and to share your work.



James Wrigley


Sem Langendijk’s Docklands

Initiated in 2015, Sem Langendijk’s The Docklands Project is an analyses of the post-industrial city through the harbour area. Focusing on the high demand for living near the water, the project tries to get a…

The Othernet - Then There Was Us

The Othernet

Imagine another internet. Location specific, not through geofencing, but through the physical limits of its infrastructure, able to be visited by subway or on foot, unique like the very neighbourhood its in.service providers, there are…

Ken Grant - Then There Was Us

Behind it all with Tracy Marshall

New Brighton Revisited Exhibition, the group show bringing together for the first time pictures of internationally renowned British photographers Martin Parr, Ken Grant and Tom Wood. The images shown in the town from which the…