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An honest approach to music with Khamari

2022-12-12 – Interview


Khamari meets us in London, where we talk about his life as a creative in the ever expanding world of music.

The multi talented singer and songwriter has been at the forefront of the R&B scene over the past few years, with the release of a number of songs that express his honest vision as an artist. Born in Dorchester and with a recent move to LA to pursue his career further, Khamari has stunned the world with his approach to music. We got to sit down with Khamari when he came to London for his headline show. 

Tell me about your life growing up in Boston. 

Growing up I pretty much spent all my time making music or learning how to produce. 

A big move to the West Coast. How are you finding it living in LA?

LA’s dope because it’s more diverse than Boston in pretty much every way, so it's easier to stay inspired. There’s more collaborators here then probably anywhere else in the states right now. 

Do you think place has had much effect on what you write about?

I don't think so. Moving out here during the middle of covid meant my life was almost identical to what it was in Boston.  

How do you approach life? 

One minute at a time.

If you’ve gained one piece of advice that’s come from somebody else, what would it be and why?

My grandfather always says to me “While you’re making a living, you have to make time to live,” and I think that's a reminder we all need at times. 

What’s the best scenario for your legacy as a musician? 

Ideally continuing to make music, and finding other ways to expand my artistry outside of music when the time is right. I spend a lot of time thinking about what being great means, and ways to become the Micheal Jordan of art. At the end of the day I just want to put great things into the world. 

Do you think creativity is something you're born with or grows with you as you experience life? 

It’s different for everyone I think, I know people that have always been creative because it felt natural, but for me I remember feeling my desire to be creative grew as I got older.

Why do you think creative people are never fully satisfied with what they have created or if so, not satisfied forever? Do you believe it’s because creative people always believe they can do better, or because competition is always growing?

I always feel like I could’ve done better than I did before, even if that was yesterday. Especially in 2022 because everything is moving so quickly and there’s always something new to inspire you, so your taste is evolving and you want to make sure anything you put out lives up to that standard. But also when you're a creative it feels like everything you put out is like a tattoo that people are going to identify you by and it's hard to be satisfied with anything knowing that. 

Do you find it hard to rest as a creative? 

I’m almost never not thinking about the music, or the future. 

What do you enjoy outside of music?


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