The less heard, the less obvious.


Each year we select a series of photographers to from across the globe to be included in our yearly annual, celebrating some of the very best in story telling, portraiture and documentary making. Our core belief with all of our publications is that there should be no barriers to entry and we will never charge to enter our competitions, exhibitions or publications and each year we host a completely free open submission. View all of the outstanding images that have been featured in our previous annuals here.





Martin Pauer, AND 2020.
Alex Ingram, AND 2020.
Anthea Spivey, AND 2020.
Carola Plöchinger, AND 2020.
Carola Cappellari, AND 2020
Giulia Demarchi, AND 2020.
Fred Mitchell, AND 2020.
Orlando Gili, AND 2020.
Giulia Savorelli, AND 2020.
Gómez Selva, AND 2020.
Joseph Horton, AND 2020.
Jake Eshelman, AND 2020.
Veronica Horsman, AND 2020.
Jonathan Tumbel, AND 2020.
Jonathan Moore, AND 2020.
Ivan Ogilvie, AND 2020.
Josh Adam Jones, AND 2020.
Kerry Curl, AND 2020.
Kate Schultze, AND 2020.
Chan Yang Kim, AND 2020.
Lily Miles, AND 2020.
Marco Bardusco-Brazier, AND 2020.
Matt Macpake, AND 2020.
Mon Levchenkova, AND 2020.
Miriam Strong, AND 2020.
Ana Paganini, AND 2020.
Norberto Fernandez Soriano, AND 2020.
Olivia Thompson, AND 2020.
Louis Bever, AND 2020.
Max Searl, AND 2020.
Lucy Cullingworth, AND 2020.
Paul Daly, AND 2020.
Jared Ragland, AND 2020.
Sergio Leyva Seiglie, AND 2020.
Steffen Junghanß, AND 2020.
Tavis Amosford, AND 2020.
Tommy Sussex, AND 2020.
Vera Hadzhiyska, AND 2020.
Jaime Molina, AND 2020.
Sem Langendijk, AND 2020.
Adam Dickson, AND 2020.
Matt Peers, AND 2020.
Jared Ragland, AND 2019.
Joaquín Soler, AND 2019.
Alex Ingram, AND 2019.
Alex Cutler, AND 2019.
Ana Paganini, AND 2019.
Anne Moffat, AND 2019.
Anthea Spivey, AND 2019.
Antony Sojka, AND 2019.
Cal McIntyre, AND 2019.
Charlotte Colenutt, AND 2019.
Clifford Price King, AND 2019.
Danny Cozens, AND 2019.
Gavin Li, AND 2019.
Jack Joyce, AND 2019.
Ellie Smith, AND 2019.
Josh Jones, AND 2019.
Kamau Wainania, AND 2019.
Mon Levchenkova, AND 2019.
Olivia Thompson, AND 2019.
Nathan Cutler, AND 2019.
Robert Darch, AND 2019.
Rhombie Sandoval. AND 2019.
Silas Bahr, AND 2019.
Simon Weldon, AND 2019.
Vardit Goldner, AND 2019.
Vera Hadzhiyska. AND 2019.
Alejandra Huicho, AND 2019.
Louis Leeson, AND 2019.