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AND 2021 Pre-order: An Annual Selection of Influential Documentary and Portrait Photographers

Each year at then there was us we strive to celebrate the outstanding work of those who are consistently creating unique and powerful stories, published in a beautifully printed annual.

Our yearly annual is a selection of some of the best up and coming influential documentary and portrait photographers from across the globe, showcasing in this heterogeneous collection of poignant and inspiring imagery, a response to a shifting culture and change to the way photography is produced, shared and consumed.

The 2021 addition of AND saw an astonishing 700 entries. Curated by our editors, the submissions were carefully reviewed and 51 photographers were chosen to be printed in the 2021 annual. This is then there was us’ ones to watch of 2021. 

The annual is now ready to order for pre-order. You can order it Here.

Product Details:
Size: A4
Pages: 60
Binding: Perfect Bound
Front Cover: GFS Smith Neenah Environment Concrete
Paper: 150gsm Recycled
Photographers Features: 51
Published: Public Source

Harry Lawlor
Kerry Curl
Oumaima Belouali
Greg Turner
Oliver Eglin
Billy Barraclough
Louis Little
Daniel de Jorge
Hayleigh Longman
Chanel Irvine
Giulia Savorelli
Billy Foote
Marley Hutchinson
Martin Pauer
Nico Froe
Jack Smethers
Bharat Patel
Tavis Amosford
Thomas Griffiths
Patrick Riley
Jude Luce
Alex Ingram
Maggie Shannon
Matt MacPake
James Bannister
Raphaël Neal
Conor O’Leary
Toby Binder
Louis Bever
Gabriel Fernández
Niamh McInally
Devashish Gaur
Jonathan Moore
Olessia Venediktova
Jonathan Tumbel
Matthew Eynon
Carsten Kalaschnikow
Bart Walraeve
Freya Najade
Chloé Azzopardi
Max Miechowski
Liam Prior
Ciro Battiloro
Hannah Jetschmann
Joe La’Val
Matthew Jones
Sasha Hitchcock
Jonas Michel
Cassian Gray
Raphael Gaultier
Tommy Sussex