AND – Then There Was Us Annual 2019
We’re proud to release our 2019 Annual. AND is an annual selection of some of the best up and coming influential documentary and portrait photographers from across the globe, showcasing in this heterogeneous collection of poignant and inspiring imagery, a response to a shifting culture and change to the way photography is produced, shared and consumed. This is Then There Was Us Magazine’s ones to watch of 2019. This year we have selected 58 photographers from across the world to be part of our first AND annual.
Pre-order the book – Here Published by – Public–Source

Why are we producing this publication? Then There Was Us has been running for more than 3 years, showcasing some of the best documentary and portrait photographers from all over the world. With the launch of Public Source earlier this year, we now have a platform to release, produce and collaborate with photographers like never before. We have a deep passion for those who go above and beyond, to tell the stories of others and we understand the hardship, emotion and skill involved in taking on these responsibilities. To put it simply, this annual is a yearly celebration of those storytellers. 

Each year we will be selecting a number of photographers to not only be involved in the publication, but to take part in an annual exhibition. Our goal is to create a community that continues to celebrate and share the work of these skilled individuals, to inspire those who may be a new addition to the field of documentary and portraiture and to support the amazing work of each of these photographers. 

To see more images of the book and our other projects, follow Public Source over on Instagram – We will be sharing more images from this publication over the course of our pre-order. As Public Source is a non-profit community interest company, all of the money from the sales of this publication go into funding our next project and we are massively thankful for all the support.

The publication shown in the image is a test printed copy of the final book, this may change slightly before final printing, although the content and design of the publication will not. Only the paper stock and thickness of the publication.
Size: A4
Pages: Approx 112
Photographers Features: 58
Published: Public Source
Project: Then There Was Us
Release Date – 5th Otober 2019

The book includes work from:

Tom Farmer

Matt Macpake

Mohamed Hassan

Carmen Colombo

Alex Cutler

Alex Ingram

Megan Dalton

Mia Thompson

Kate Schultze

Sacha Brisdion

Tavis Amosford

Saesha Ward

Liam Jones

Leo Carvaial

Callum Painter

Anthea Spivey

Mon Levchenkova

Anne Moffat

Ewan Waddell

Elliot Denman

Julie Meresse

Jonathan Moore

Kamila Lozinska

Olivia Thompson

Josh Adam Jones

Joaquín Soler

Ellie Smith

Ana Paganini

Warren Sebastian 

Ryan Convery-Moroney

Robert Law

Nat Wilkins

Primoz Zorko

Antony Sojka 

Charlotte Colenutt

Danny Cozens

Nathan Cutler

Lucy Jarvis

Jared Ragland

Jack Joyce

Cal Mcintyre

Rhombie Sandoval

Robert Darch

Silas Bahr

Louis Leeson

Kamau Wainaina

Ma.Alejandra Huicho

Clifford Price King

Gavin Li

Vera Hadzhiyska

Dolly Faibyshev

Georgia Sheales

Giulia Boggio

James Mason

Vardit Goldner

Lewis Brillet

Paul Daly

Simon Weldon