The less heard, the less obvious.

A platform dedicated to the showcase and discussion of contemporary photography, writing and journalism both online and in print.

– The less heard, the less obvious.

We passionately believe in the reporting of creative revelation, championing some of the most exciting and engaging work from contemporary documentary makers, storytellers and journalists alike. Through our online content, printed publications and exhibitions we want to open up the conversation around events, people, places and culture with powerful narratives that define and shatter the status quo. Covering industry, society, people, places, politics, disasters and conflicts. Then There Was Us strives to destroy the arbitrary reasons many extraordinary creatives and storytellers go unheard. Celebrating, supporting and showcasing the less heard, the less obvious. Creating a real and accessible community of thought and curiosity about what is going on in the world. Then There Was Us.

Then There Was Us is a small non-profit ran by Jonathan Tomlinson and James Wrigley. We want to create a project that truly offers support to those we feature, that is free from exclusion and focuses on sharing the stories and outstanding work from documentary makers all over the globe. We believe in transparency, education and accessibility which is why all of our content is free. You will never see a pay-wall on our online articles and everything from our printed publications will always be available online for free. As a small team we have huge ambitions to continue to grow this project, buying our printed content or offering to donate through our membership scheme will help us get to our goals faster, but it will never stop you from being able to view our content.

Editor (Founder) – Jonathan Tomlinson

Editor (Art Director) – James Wrigley

Submissions (Enquiries)

We are always open for submissions, we would love to see your work, due to the amount of emails that we receive, we can't promise to always respond to every email. If you are submitting work, please send low res images or a PDF attached to your email or send us a link to your work, please do not use WeTransfer.


Edward John

Edward John is a London-based writer and hobbyist photographer. His writing specialises in arts, culture and music and is particularly concerned with their intersection with politics and social issues. He acts as a contributing writer and editor for several publications and has recently begun working with several street and documentary photographers to produce books and zines constituted of their work.

Edward Paxton

Mon Levchenkova

Wes Foster

Wes Foster is a writer and photography based practitioner. His work usually incorporates text and image in the form of bookmaking. Over the last few years he has written for a variety of publications about photography and also music. He is also one of the founders of Freehold Projects, a collaborative group/gallery space in Leeds.