An independent, non-profit online and print publication by Public–Source. Then There Was Us is a platform for those who document, question and record. Our aim is simple; unlike most publications we have no interest in the commercial, you will never see advertisements or sponsored content, and you will never see a paywall in front of anything on our site, our projects will never have submission fees and all of our products, publications and events only fund the next. Then There Was Us is built on the premise of public ownership, seeking to work alongside communities and collectives, galleries and institutions, to create a network of collaboration in the genre of documentation and journalism in its many forms.

Need Anything?
If you have any questions, ideas or partnerships we would love to hear from you. If you are a photographer, gallery, publisher or collective. and want us to receive news about your projects, please feel free to add our email to your mailing list. If you’re looking to submit any work, head over to our submissions page. We want you to enjoy Then Then There Was Us as much as possible. If you have any feedback about our content or the site, ideas about how we could make it better, please share it with us. For all other general inquiries please email us at:

Jonathan Tomlinson
Email: jonny@thentherewasus.co.uk

James Wrigley
Email: james@thentherewasus.co.uk

What is Public–Source:

Then There Was Us is a project by Public–Source is a design and publishing house based in the North-West of England [Manchester] covering works in areas of print, web and interactive design. Our focus lies on designing identities and portfolios, websites and applications, publications and posters for cultural institutions, businesses and individuals.

As a Community Interest Company, we are devoted to creating independent projects and events that work for and within communities ,online, in print, and across the UK. Our projects operate within the genres of education, photography, research, and design, often through journalism and documentary works in some format. We believe that our company and what we do should always stay transparent, honest and continue to create and develop for the benefit of others.

A project by Public–Source, _Bottom Line acts as the back-bone to all of our projects and personal research interests. In the name of transparency, we aim to showcase and share all of our topic and concept research for various projects, upcoming, released and personal. We believe in celebrating and supporting the dedication and effort that goes into research led projects, that this commitment should not go unseen. Through publishing our own, we invite others to do so through our reading lists and curated topics, to take part in an open-source education tool. Likewise, _Bottom Line acts as a mission statement behind all of our projects at Public-Source, that by definition, the final total of an account or balance sheet in not the fundamental and most important factor.