Photography by Deo Suveera
Words by James Wrigley

Tell us about your work, where do you put yourself as a photographer?

I am a photographer based in Bangkok, Thailand. I capture what lays there in the society, which can be seen and touchable in terms of culture and life, and of people and the surroundings around me. I never consider myself as one of any specific type of photographer or consider my photography to belong in any specific category, as what I photograph almost always contain mixture of features attributing to different photography styles.

What do you look for in your subjects when taking their pictures, do you try to get them as natural as possible?

Most of my subjects are found on the streets of Bangkok, where I live and where I wander around. It is always those whom I can’t take my eyes off in the first place, that I would take portraits of. I, therefore, try to cherish and capture their unique self as much as I possibly can, and also within their natural environment. As I am interested in people’s identity and of course people that appeals to me, so yes “natural” would be best to describe what I want in my portraits.

What interest you in photography?

I have always been drawn to all-things visual, thus photography as well. Every moment I look through the viewfinder, it helps me to actually “see” things. Photography allows me to be able to record things I saw and share for others to see as well. It excites me badly that I could capture and tell stories, through photography.

Who are the people that inspire you?

It has always been people on the streets. I spent lots of time observing people, things they do, their mood, feels and thoughts. There were many times when I did not expect such glory vibes from some, but then smiles spread through their faces all of a sudden. I witness the beauty in co-existences between people from all different directions, and that inspires me. It initiates my sentiments towards my self and also the society.

Have you always been interested in art, did you grow up with creative people?

I grew up with a dad who paints, my dad is still a painter today. I have always been surrounded by art ever since I was young, and then went into studying Art and design later into University. My opportunity broadens from that point onwards where I met many creative people. Therefore Art and design has always been a big part of my life, no doubt.

What project are you working on now?

I am working on a project on Thai students. Specifically about all the restricted rules and cultures that have existed and passed on from generations to generations. This project intends to reflect “Youth” in this era from Thai students stand point.

What is the best advice you have ever given?

Get “closer” to the subject. This sentence has stuck with me ever since I have been told. It doesn’t always refer to the physical distances but rather the understanding and the connection my subject’s story.

[This article was originally published on JRNL Magazine, a now closed publication from our Editor James Wrigley.]

One To Watch : Deo Suveera

One To Watch : Deo Suveera