Sebastian Garraway’s Banksy Mural
Words by – Sebastian Garraway Photograph by – Sebastian Garraway

I took this picture in May 2017 not long after the mural had been painted by the anonymous political commentator/artist, Banksy. Whenever a location is discovered to have been chosen by Banksy, it instantly becomes a spectacle to the great luck of councils and premise owners alike as the new beneficiaries of his profitable vandalism.

I felt my participation here was as an observer, as it usually is when I am behind the camera. There was, however, a part of me that wanted to see the outside world present itself onto the side of a building in Dover, a place similar to many other seaside towns in the UK that can often feel forgotten compared to the world we see on TV and online, as well as its location between the economic stronghold of London and continental Europe. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why the Brexit vote was so strong (62%) and why Banksy may have chosen Dover with its symbolic location as the ‘gateway to Europe’.

When I took this picture at the beginning of Summer 2017, I had imagined in my head Brexit would have been more concise at this moment but it is still just as nuanced now as it was back then and perhaps it will be for a long time still before any of this can be looked back upon with a degree of clarity and understanding.