Nathan De Ruwe’s “Shivaling, Satish and Jayanth”
Words by – Nathan De Ruwe Photography by – Nathan De Ruwe

Throughout India, charities started taking it upon themselves to create institutions that are able to provide medical treatment for those who do not have the luxury of being able to travel long distances or afford private hospitals. The Sri Paripoorna Sanathana Charitable Trust, located 40km outside of Bangalore is one of these institutions that offer free medical treatment to those in need.

The charity also accommodates a group of patients with severe conditions in a separate house near Bhaktarahalli. Shivaling (10), Satish (13) and Jayanth (14), born with mental and physical disabilities, were brought here to make sure they receive the treatment and care they require. The aunt of Satish was no longer able to look after him alone, Jayanth’s parents could financially not manage to support him and the parental status of Shivaling is unknown.

For the families, it is quite a challenge to visit the house and only get to go once or twice a year. Being away from their families has made the boys become very close and are now inseparable. As portrayed, Satish has a sense of responsibility for Shivaling and Jayanth and watches over them as they sleep. Despite not being related, they see each other as brothers.

The Sri Paripoorna Sanathana Charitable Trust was founded with the primary purpose to offer free medical treatment to those in need.