On The Streets With Niall O'Reilly
December 30, 2017

20 year old photographer Niall O’Reilly takes to the streets capturing raw moments of life from those around him, in his own words: “I always find it difficult to muster up words when it comes to describing myself as a photographer or describing any of my work. I don’t really consider myself conceptual or ‘arty’ as that’s not really how I approach things. I’ve always seen things in black and white from a young age, which is due to me being autistic, and I think that’s something that definitely transfers to my advantage when it comes to shooting. At the moment, I’m still focusing on my interest for street photography but trying to keep it in the format of portraits. Every photo I take, I take at the hopes of capturing the essence of that exact moment that it was taken. I’m all about realism, no matter how relaxed or chaotic the situation may be. That’s something that will always be most important for me as a photographer.”