Kate Truisi’s The Skywatchers
February 5, 2018

Brooklyn based Kate Truisi’s work explores mortality, sustainability and interactions between humans and nature. In her latest project, The Skywatchers, Kate traveled to the self-proclaimed UFO capital of New York to document life in the town where around 2,000 sightings were seen between 1983 and 1987.

“The Skywatchers is a documentary project about a small town known as Pine Bush, the self-proclaimed UFO Capital of New York. The area has been host to activity since as early as the 1950s but not until the 1980s did it start gaining attention as a hot spot. Between 1983 and 1987 about 2,000 sightings were reported and around this time a hotline was created for the public to call in sightings from all over the Hudson Valley. I started hanging out in the town to learn more information about the phenomenon and everyone I talked to pointed me in the direction of a man named Butch. This series features Butch, the town barber, and his collection of UFO related ephemera.”