The Moments Between With Jonathan Tomlinson

The night i thought i’d seen someone die. A fight broke out at 3am on my way back from work between two groups of lads. One group of lads knocked a another lad over. After seeing a stream of blood they got off quick. Girls were screaming. A guy not moving on the floor. After about 10 minutes he woke up and the ambulance turned up.

My commute to Open Eye Gallery, from Manchester to Liverpool. This is the power station in Widnes. This is one of my favourite views that i’ve ever witnessed from a train.

My grandad shed full of tools, a boat engine and a sauna that lights up and plays music..

I went to midnight mass for the first time ever this Christmas eve.

A view from the afternoon.

A walk through Cheetham Hill with Paul and Luke. Some interesting things happen here. We went for the best curry i’ve eaten in a long time.

Mopping up 30 pints of beer that leaked in the cellar at work.

My grandads nut collection, in his oven. Christmas Day 2018.

Watching Crewe Alexandra with my father on Boxing Day. It’s rare we find the time to go together anymore with us both living more north. We won 2-1 against top of the league, Lincoln.

2018 comes to a nice end. We’ve been super busy working on Then There Was Us this year. We’ve put on exhibitions, featured and interviewed some amazing names in photography and met some amazing people along the way. 2019 we have some exciting plans.