The Moments Between With Paul Daly

Two doves have nested in in the piping outside the house. They fly to and from everyday, it’s been nice to watch them do their thing for a bit each day.

Mum broke her wrist the other week so she was on house arrest for a bit. Been nice to have her take a backseat with dad and I helping her out. On this occasion it was time to sort her nails out.

Putting mum’s lotto on. Picked up the milk on the way back home.

This it the pile I have sitting next to the tele. Hard to make time but slowly getting through them. Late starter with Seinfeld as well, is good!

Dad and I working on our weekends. We both suffer from doing jobs that will never be finished.

My weekly travel vessel, the illustrious Megabus. Either go up to Manchester or down to London. Countless hours and so much money saved (as well as spent). Travelling is a very meditative experience for me, a lot of ideas come during these long distances. Something about the speed and stillness maybe, quite the catalyst.

After a long stint in Manchester I’m back at my parents after a major shift in my life. I still sleep with the sleeping bag in bed at the time of writing this, still saying no to my mother’s option of a quilt. I thought it spoke of the temporary nature of living I am now experiencing. Not quite willing to settle, a station point and not a home. Perhaps this will be true for years to come, forever unsettled.

Blackpool for the day, the most overwhelming place for subject matter. Hard to visually encapsulate an experience here in such short time. Perhaps in a future project I can achieve this better, the place is gold.

A reward for us both after working, can’t remember if Liverpool won.

What looks like the most mundane thing was in fact a profound moment for me. I’m always looking for things to turn into photographs or be a part of a film, the poetry in the everyday. Saved this in the bank, took another pic of it on 35mm too. Hopefully I’ll see the day where I can realise it as I intend to in a piece of work without the stress ruining my life.

Weekly trips to the grave of my late grandmother with mum.

I decided to make a pile of all the 16mm I’d shot to post on my Insta stories, probably to make Kodak like me or some shit. It’s a good reminder to keep pushing myself and be chuffed with the achievement so far but it is a constant crack of the whip mentally. A reminder of the hill I’ve yet to climb on my project everyday, exhausting but it seems to be working.

My niece came to stay for a bit. Dad and I brought her out and to our best efforts exhausted her in the playground. I’m jealous of her boundless energy.