Then There Was Connections, Community & You
On the 24th May we launched our first open exhibition, celebrating emerging documentary and journalism work from around the world. In this note from co-directors Jonathan Tomlinson and James Wrigley we discuss our next steps, the future of Then There Was Us and new projects coming soon.
Photography by – Chan-Yang Kim

Exhibiting the work of 30 outstanding documentary photographers, the evening of the open exhibition was a huge success with so much support being shown towards our goals, because of this, our first message is to say a huge thank you, not only to all those who came down on the night, but to all those who submitted work, with over 480 unique submissions it has been an honour to see so much powerful imagery submitted in support of Then There Was Us.

As many of you know, Then There Was Us is a small but dedicated team and for the past year we have been working tirelessly behind the scenes exploring new ideas and having discussions with many amazing and talented individuals, seeking to build the foundations of what will be the future of Then There Was Us. Our open exhibition was not only the showcase of excellence within photography, but also the launch of Public-Source, a design and publishing house that will act as the umbrella to all of our projects, books, events and exhibitions allowing us to develop and create new opportunities.

Through Public-Source we are proud to have launched our first major project. Utilising unused or commercial spaces across the North West for all practitioners to host events, exhibitions or workshops for free, we are happy to announce our Temporary Spaces project with the open exhibition hosted in our first space near Manchesters Piccadilly station (More details coming soon). We have always taken steps to have a transparent workflow across everything we do and that has continued into our new venture with Public-Source, as a Community Interest Company, we are devoted to creating independent projects and events that work for and within communities, online, in print, and across the UK. Our projects will operate within the genres of education, photography, research, and design, often through journalism and documentary works in some format. We believe that our company and what we do should always stay transparent, honest and continue to create and develop for the benefit of others.

In the next few weeks we will be releasing all of our new projects publicly for the first time, but we could not be here without you and your support, we will always strive to develop free and accessible supportive projects and to create new networks and communities. The images in this note are from our open exhibition, we would also like to say a special thank you to everybody that helped us paint walls, and set up the exhibition, you help with never be forgotten. Stay up to date on all information on our new projects by joining our free monthly newsletter.

Thank you

Jonny & James