July 8, 2019 I Love You, I’m Leaving

I Love You, I’m Leaving is a beautiful project which seems to deal not with loss itself but the ordinary and ever-present fear of loss. It’s true that the black and white helps to enrich the poetic feel, though there is more to it than that. By being forced, or perhaps forcing himself, to slow down and work very differently the entire space around that moment is thought about differently.

July 4, 2019 Discussing Family, Home and Sense of Place with Lewis Brillet

The introduction to Lewis Brillet’s Homebound describes the loss of his elder brother, Tuan, in a tragic accident. Not far from where he passes, Brillet’s family began work on a new family home. “An optimistic long-term project we hoped would…

June 28, 2019 Remnants Of An Exodus

As a Jamaican immigrant in the New York suburbs the mid 90’s was a time where the community was on the brink of gentrification. Marred in economic hardship, the town of Spring Valley had one beacon of hope — the memorial park, situated just below Main Street.

June 18, 2019 Goodnight Godbless, A Celebration Of Life

“Good Night God Bless, a phrase often heard in hushed tones. It is these four words, that resonate memories of my beloved Grandfather. Many years after his death his words came to me when I was sleeping, this moment, joint with the birth of the first male in our family in four generations are what inspired me to begin this body of work.”

June 10, 2019 Shedding Light On The Vast Expanse Of Culture In India

India. Far-flung and famous for its food, colourful festivals and fast-growing population, the Asian Subcontinent has unsurprisingly become a popular destination for holidaymakers, entrepreneurs and big-businesses alike. It’s a country where perilous mountains give way to golden sands as visitors traverse, baffled and bewildered, through countless countless cultures, languages and climates.

June 3, 2019 Sin & Salvation in Baptist Town

Sin & Salvation is a standalone body of work within The Invisible Yoke series in that it forced Matt, a photographer who prefers the immediate and accessible, to spend seven years returning to the area to photograph.

May 22, 2019 Tom Roche’s Black Blood

There will always be subjectivity when thinking about the past. Whom upset whom, the uncle we don’t talk about, the rose tint of nostalgia always making an appearance. We cannot understand our past unless we understand embracing the unknown and speculative thinking. In what way does thinking about the past change how you see the present. How do certain stories alter the remembrance of the past?

May 13, 2019 Robert Rutöd’s Fairy Tales

Born in 1959 in Vienna, Austria. Robert Rutöd has pursued a career in what most people dream of as a creative. An early pursuer of painting eventually led to working on short films, where he wrote and directed various films over nearly a 20 year span. With an internal passion for photography, Robert had been working on different projects throughout his whole career. In 2004, he returned to photography full time and began working on both short and long term projects. We got to chat to Robert around his career and his latest long-term project, Fairy Tales.

May 3, 2019 Stefania Orfanidou’s Pendulum

“Pendulum is the approach of a return journey to the city of L’Aquila in central Italy. My relationship with this place started 12 years before I was born, when my parents met each other accidentally there. I grew up listening to their narrations about this city, I visited it with them as a child, and I moulded their story in my mind.

April 23, 2019 The Moments Between With Mon Levchenkova

The Moments Between is a photography project that we encourage as many photographers to be involved with. The aim is showcase the moments between, to be honest and intimate about your own lives. A visual and honest representation of our mission statement as they are all issues that each of us have faced in one form or another. If it’s the zero hour job, mental health issues, frustrations or boredom and the mundane, we want you to join our visual diary…

April 16, 2019 Nathan De Ruwe’s “Shivaling, Satish and Jayanth”

Throughout India, charities started taking it upon themselves to create institutions that are able to provide medical treatment for those who do not have the luxury of being able to travel long distances or afford private hospitals. The Sri Paripoorna Sanathana Charitable Trust, located 40km outside of Bangalore is one of these institutions that offer free medical treatment to those in need.

April 13, 2019 Sarko Mutafyan’s Epicenters

“I became quite dissociated from my surroundings, even when I used to call Bulgaria my home. As I was growing up I remember looking at other people and thinking how they had both nuclear and extended families, more close knit communities and much better understanding of the culture and society in which they belonged to. And that was always something that seemed to be missing for me.”

April 3, 2019 ‘Giant above The Cherries’ With Petar Petrov

‘Giants above The Cherries’ is a metaphorical farewell to the town of Kyustendil, Bulgaria – Petar Petrov’s hometown and where he spent the first 19 years of his life. The series touches upon Petrov’s connection with the places and people, the scenery, and the pervading sense of abandonment. Woven into the work are narratives that explore specific issues associated with the place itself; the infrastructure, the youth, resources, culture, ethnic discrimination, and the transition from a socialist to a capitalist governing. We got to chat to Petar about his project and the book that he made to go alongside it.

March 27, 2019 Pastimes With Tom Willis

This series stems from Tom Willis’s fascination with the intense devotion that the members of these clubs have towards their respective hobbies, often pouring hours of their time and significant sums of money into perfecting their crafts. Scale models of…

March 20, 2019 Sebastian Garraway’s Banksy Mural

I took this picture in May 2017 not long after the mural had been painted by the anonymous political commentator/artist, Banksy. Whenever a location is discovered to have been chosen by Banksy, it instantly becomes a spectacle to the great…

March 7, 2019 Amy Romer’s The Dark Figure

There are many forms of slavery and we are all aware of some of them. When we think of slavery we think of Spartacus and Kirk Douglas’s cratered chin, shining with sweat alongside brave men pinned up on crosses by…

March 6, 2019 Hub City Is A Documentation Of The Vanishing Stories Within Western Canada

Casey Bennett is an urban landscape photographer currently based in South-Central British Columbia, Canada. Bennett’s practice is focused around the documentation of the vanishing faces and stories held within countless individuals across the Western Canadian landscape. This compelling collection of…

February 28, 2019 A Handshake With A Martian

Provoked by his inner curiosity into the UFO scene in the United Kingdom, Samuel Fradley’s, A Hand Shake with a Martian is a personal investigation into the British UFO phenomena. Supported by official declassified documents, this project is a photographic…

February 24, 2019 On The Streets This Spring
February 19, 2019 What’s it like to be 16 years old now? Sixteen Exhibition Tour

Sixteen is an age of transition, of developmental, and of social change. An age where college, sixth-form and working life all quickly become very real. A confusing time where you’re no longer considered a child, but also not yet an…

February 18, 2019 Jaywick’s Happy Club Is A Group Built On Community

For tourists, Jaywick in Essex is your usual seaside town. Consisting of amusement arcades and a sandy beach, it’s was once a popular destination for Londoners who used to flock there during the summer months. Why then was it voted…

February 9, 2019 Like Last Year’s Snow – Oded Wagenstein

In the remote village of Yar-Sale in Northern Siberia, live a group of elderly women. They were once part of a nomadic community of reindeer herders. However, in their old age, they spend most of their days in seclusion, isolated…

January 25, 2019 Darsh Seneviratne Documents Sri Lanka’s Ever Changing Landscape

“Being raised by a Sri Lankan father meant pieces of his culture were scattered throughout our home and daily life. I remember hearing the Sinhalese news blaring away on the radio every Sunday morning, eating salmon curry and hoppers at…

January 21, 2019 Ekaterina Vasilyeva, The Ruins Of The Romantic Imagination

…After the waning of modernist fantasies about creatio exnihilo and of the desire for the purity of new beginnings, we have come to read cities and buildings as palimpsests of space, monuments as transformable and transitory, and sculpture as subject…

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