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02-07-2020 AND 2020: An annual selection of influential documentary and portrait photographers
14-07-2020 Stewart Weir’s Afghanistan, After The Fall – Contested Territories
09-07-2020 The Othernet – Contested Territories
24-06-2020 We Give You Our Life And Blood
19-06-2020 Between Revolution and War In El Salvador
18-06-2020 Things That I Know, Things That You Know
16-06-2020 The Florida Heartland: Familiarities Of The South
14-06-2020 Peter Mitchell: Early Sunday Morning
11-06-2020 Shirley Baker: A Different Age
09-06-2020 A Global Pandemic, a Caesarean, and a New Born Baby.
08-06-2020 The Education I Never Had
05-06-2020 We Stand: A List of Resources for Anti-Racism, Ethics, Standards and Voices to be Heard.
05-06-2020 The Freedom Fundraiser Raising Money For Bail Funds
04-06-2020 Jon Henry’s Strange Fruit: The Women Who Must Endure the Senseless Loss And Carry On
27-05-2020 Can’t Smile Without You: An intimate Portrait Of Spurs Fans
24-05-2020 Tommy Sussex: A view of the UK’s capital city through the eye of a pandemic
23-05-2020 Heisykha — an ongoing portrait of kinship, domesticity, and ecology
17-05-2020 The Protectors – A Group Out To Save Our Planet
14-05-2020 Exploring ‘Nyamuliro’ with Ali Arrowsmith
12-05-2020 Dis-Location: Reflections on Post-Industrial Stoke-on-Trent
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